About Me

Hi ! I’m Hiba.

Hibatullah Abdul Rahman to be exact, but you can call me Hiba, Baba or even Ba for short.

I’m mixed Indonesian Malaysian. I was born in the UK but I grew up in Kuala Lumpur.

I love to eat. Yes, that’s right, it’s a passion of mine. I’m always in the lookout for good food. I’m the youngest out of 5 siblings. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve read the books more than 20 times (the whole set, not just one of the books) and my mission in life is to have the whole collection of Harry Potter wands. I can be quite a geek at times when it comes to things like Final Fantasy and Pokemon (i’m still waiting for someone to create a real live Pikachu).

I’m married to a man named Fareez that is equally as geeky as me. He is first and foremost, my best friend. I can talk to him about anything and everything. Most days we’re quite loving. Other days we bicker like an old married couple, trying to decide where to eat or what color the dulang boys should wear for the wedding.

I talk a lot. Or at least I think I do. Sometimes I can’t stop myself. So if you ever meet up with me and I go on a ramble, please stop me before I create a novel.

My health has always been a priority, so much so that I seek medical advice for a slight cold ! True story ! I have never been admitted to the hospital. I’m the one that is usually tasked to accompany anyone in my family that is admitted. I’ve always been the oddball of the family. For instance, my siblings have eczema and are allergic to seafood. I on the other hand, don’t have eczema and a seafood allergy, but i’m highly allergic to nuts ! I know right? Nut allergies in Malaysia. So many restrictions !

I’m so allergic, that my doctor said “patients usually come in with an allergy reading of 20 or 30. Yours is above 100 ! So you just have to stay away from it.”

I’m currently pursuing a Degree in Business Admin and i’m in my final semester (Yay !). I also run a baking business from home called Bakegrrls. Funny story about that baking business but i’ll tell you more about it later.

So you could say that my life was like any ordinary persons. Until I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It happened in February 2015. I had just celebrated my 25th birthday in January. What a birthday present eh?

I had Stage 2B Breast Cancer. ER+, PR+, HeR2-. My treatment plan consisted of 6 rounds of Chemotherapy (3 rounds of FEC & 3 rounds of Taxotere), a mastectomy without reconstruction and 15 rounds of radiation.

It was set that way, until after my mastectomy, when I had my doctor re-test the tumor. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however way you want to see it), my results had changed. I was now ER+, PR- and HeR2+. I know what you’re thinking. What on earth are all these alphabets and +- signs? Sounds like the new Mew album or something.

Being HeR2+ meant that I had to go through an additional 17 rounds of Herceptin on top of my current treatment plan ! Whoop dee doo. I went through with it anyway, after much thought and some persuasion from my husband.

Since then, I have gone through an additional 2 surgeries to remove an ovarian cyst on my right and left ovary. Both benign and not related to cancer, but equally as frustrating when it comes to recovery.

I decided to start writing this blog because when i’m telling people my story, they say “hey you should start a blog ! you’re really good at sharing your experience!” and i’ve had numerous patients come to me for advice. When I started my treatment, I didn’t know anyone my age that was going through the same thing, until my surgeon connected me to one of her patients. It was then that I felt immense relief and comfort.

So this also my way of reaching out to other people going through the same thing and letting you know that you’re not alone.