Interview : Natural Health (October 2017)

Hey loves !

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been procrastinating writing in my blog. Every time I try to, I would be too focused on using the right key words and the right articles to post up that i’d forget the reason I started this blog – to share my journey. So here I am, again, attempting to start it up and hopefully clean up my blog a bit more to make it look nicer !

To kick off, here’s an article of an interview I did with Natural Health for their October 2017 issue. I almost forgot about this interview until my colleague sent it to me (thanks Amira !). Just click on the photo below and it’ll open a new tab that you can zoom into 🙂

Natural Health Interview Oct 2017

Hope everyone is doing well ! I’m currently recovering from my third laparotomy (will get into that in another post) and it’s another few weeks before I can feel a sense of normalcy again.

So here’s to many more weeks of binge watching Netflix !

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