Surgery No.5, Laparotomy No.3

Hey Loves !

So I have been spending the last 3 weeks recovering from my third laparotomy which was updated here :


Back in this familiar place I call my 2nd home for surgery #5. On monday last week I had really bad abdominal cramps. I had to leave work because I couldn’t function, so I went to my regular GP thinking that it was just my period coming (I haven’t gotten it in a year due to tamoxifen). He checked and said it’s either a bladder or uterus/ovary problem as the pain was only on one side and was at my lower abdomen. He then advised me to get myself checked with my gyne. . I really hoped that it was only period pains and nothing more. Unfortunately after an ultrasound with my Gyne on tuesday, he found an 8.8cm cyst pressing on my bladder. I had just gone for surgery in march for an ovarian cyst on my left side. I had my follow up in June and everything was clear. So this cyst grew from my left ovary in a span of 3 months ! . We wanted to try the “wait and see” approach and come back in a month as it’s most likely a water cyst. Sadly, the pain and discomfort kept coming back. So here I am, in the hospital again for my third laparotomy. . It’s gonna be a very interesting journey 😊

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Batman putting on wolverine socks on my feet 🤣 . Day 2 in the hospital. I received a flood of messages and i do apologize for not replying ! I was really groggy because of the Painkillers they gave me and it made me nauseated. . Good news is I’m off fluid painkillers and have moved on to tablets 😊 managed to drink and have pumpkin soup today courtesy of mamah. . My gyne came in this morning to give me a rundown of what happened in the OT. My cyst has actually ruptured, which explains the pain and discomfort. He also found a smaller cyst on my right ovary and some on my fallopian tubes. Thankfully, he managed to remove the cysts, but in terms of preventing them from coming back, we still haven’t found a solution to it. . He’ll be attending a cancer conference in taiwan so he’ll brainstorm with some doctors there to see how we can tackle this. . Till then, I’m gonna enjoy my funky socks 😬 #adventuresofbabaandbatman

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Throwback to when I felt like a witch 🧙🏼‍♀️ . Went for my follow up today ! Got my stitches removed (not as bad as the last 2 laparotomies!) and got my results today. The good news is my cysts were benign !! Woo hoo !! . The bad news is, I have early stages of endometriosis. For now I will just have to monitor my symptoms and see him again in 3 months. . I discussed taking an ovarian suppression injection to keep the cysts at bay, but my doctor doesn’t recommend it for me as it does have it side effects, not now but when i’m in my 40s (early menopause and thinning of bones). The next step would be to discuss with a fertility specialist on egg preservation, should I find the need to remove one of my ovaries. This would be a last resort and I would only do it if really necessary ! . It’s a lot of information to digest in one day, and i’m trying my very best not to get bummed out about it. . Thank you @hudaa.niu for coming with me today. I think after I hear the words “endometriosis” I just blanked 😂 So it was good that you were there with me ❤️ I’m going to binge watch Harry Potter tonight. Who’s with me? 💪🏻

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In these few weeks my routine was basically :

  1. Breakfast
  2. Watch Arrow
  3. Lunch
  4. Take a nap
  5. Continue watching Arrow
  6. Play with my nephew
  7. Dinner
  8. Feed and play with Thorny
  9. Watch Arrow
  10. Sleep

And the cycle continues. Sometimes I change it up and throw in family & friend visits, breakfast dates with Batman, work on my research paper, attend a wedding or daydream about desserts *drool*. I’m more mobile now so i’ll be able to go out a little more this week ! Don’t worry mom, I won’t become The Flash and run a marathon 😉 Although that would be kinda cool.

Christmas is coming up and everyone who knows me knows i’m horrible with buying gifts for specific occasions. I’m currently sourcing for local products to buy as Christmas gifts so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know !

I on the other hand, want THIS :

Taken from 9gag


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