What Is Cancer & The Difference Between Chemo, Radiation & Surgery.

What Is Cancer & What Is The Difference Between Chemo, Radiation and Surgery?

Hello loves !

So I realized something when i’m telling people about my journey with breast cancer. The most common questions that pop up are :

  1. What is Cancer?
  2. Is chemotherapy painful?
  3. Is chemotherapy when you go through a machine?
  4. Does radiation therapy mean you’ll have superpowers like the Hulk?

Then it hit me. A lot of people know of the infamous cancer of but don’t know exactly what is cancer, what is the difference between the various treatments and how their treatment regimes work. A while ago, I came across a comic by thepharmafist.com that in my opinion, explains the whole process REALLY well (there’s also a section about Batman that keeps me hoping for a cool RT site. Tee hee ! ). So here’s a little guide to how the whole process works :

Cancer, chemo, radiation and … dandelions

And no, radiation therapy doesn’t give me super powers like the hulk..

Okay maybe a little bit 😉

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